About the Author

Keisha Cameron is the Chief Exchange Officer at The Exchange, a multicultural arts, education and hospitality company located outside of Atlanta, Georgia.

It’s this insanely intense love of culture (and dare I admit, people), that brings me joy. Oh, and for the love of bringing people together and building connections! Ironically however, it took me many years to know what to call it after finally identifying it, especially since it’s not something that can easily be labeled, filled out as a job description, or listed as a title on a resume.

A former brand designer, I now work to design multicultural community engagement programs, helping others facilitate changes that leverage diversity and increase inter-cultural communication and collaboration. Yet, it is as it always has been and always should be… I am a multicultural experience designer…culture-connoisseur, culture enthusiast, call it what you may, but I’m “going global” and you are invited to join me as I venture through culture, soaking up stories, inspiration, and wisdom along the way. Pointers, observations, and encouragement welcome!

Let the journey begin… or, actually continue!

My Top 7 Personal Tidbits:

  • Culture enthusiast and closet Francophile
  • Considers chocolate, cheese, coffee, and wine to be the four basic food groups
  • Urban homesteader
  • Tom-boy and avid sports fan
  • Extraordinary memory for random information
  • Eclectic taste in music
  • Baby of both sides of the family, classic ENFP

Figured it fitting to at least tell a bit of my own story before diving in to explore those of others.

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